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Attention Musicians:
If you DREAM of Becoming A Professional Musician But You Do Not Know Where To Start…
  You Are Just Plain Sick and Tired of “Paying Your Dues”
Struggling To Get Discovered While Working A Dead End Job While The Years Pass You By…
This Is NOT How You Were Meant To Live!

Finally There is a Short Cut To Success That Very Few Musicians Know About.

I will show you an EASIER and PROVEN, Step By Step FAST TRACK To SUCCESS Program that I created especially for this reason and purpose. Use it and It will take off 11 -15 years of the, “learn as you go” way of life that we as musicians have always known.

  What’s even better is that it can
catapult you straight into the world you only once DREAMED you would enter!

I personally guarantee you, that the secrets, tips and  techniques in this book will work for you no matter what kind of music that you play or no matter where in the world that you live.

IF you properly use the, “insider secrets” in my book to improve your current songs or to write and record new songs… and if you  use the other secrets in my book correctly, and you don’t get to the next highest level that is clearly mapped out in my book…and you are still not on the way to your ultimate destination in your musical career……

then I will personally pay you back every cent
in full and you don’t have to lift a finger or send anything back!

Dear fellow musician

Listen carefully:

If you have ever DREAMED about being a professional musician (or have been wanting to be a Rock Star ) but did not know where to start……Or if you are currently a struggling musician who is frustrated by years of being rejected or simply not being able to get noticed by the right people in the music business and you are sick of banging your head against the wall, floundering, “paying your dues” and working a dead end day job while the years pass you by…..and you want to make 2015 the year that you get the respect that you deserve and begin to make your DREAMS come true.

Then this is the most important message that you will ever read

Here is why:

First of all, if you wanted to become a doctor, lawyer, plumber, electrician or a computer programmer.....there are colleges and trade schools for you, and they come....with job placement!  Even Bartender’s School has job placement for life!

These schools teach you everything you need to know BEFORE you get into the business.
But for musicians there has only been, “The School of Hard Knocks!” Which is the “Learn as you go” road I mentioned before!
Until now!
Here’s Another Harsh Reality…

Even though most people love music, actually BEING a musician is thought of as a JOKE and a “PIPE DREAM” as a career choice. Just tell your next girlfriend’s father that you are a musician and watch all of the blood drain out of his face as he silently prays that his daughter dumps you for a doctor or a lawyer.

The difference between them and that they have schools that teach them everything they need to know BEFORE they get into the actual business instead of being forced to “learn as you go” as we have!

This learn as you go system that musicians have had to deal with was wrong before I was born……..and I want to fix it before I die!

The Music Business Is Constantly Changing…
If You Don’t Know The Latest Tricks of The Trade
Your Band Is As Good As DEAD!

It’s a much different world now then when I started…..and the internet has changed things drastically.

There are some bands and record companies who have “bitten the dust” while others are thriving in this new digital age.

I know that many musicians are focused on getting a record deal while others only want to market and sell themselves independently and maintain complete creative control and keep all the money.

Either way…..The process involved in reaching people’s hearts in order for them to reach into their wallets and BUY that music is still the same process and always will be!

I can show you that process and how to become successful within it no matter which path you choose…..the record company route….or marketing yourself on the internet!

Most new artists often forget that when they bypass the record companies…..those new artists BECOME the record company!! And if they don’t know what the record companies know, and they aren’t experts at marketing themselves on the internet or how to get a song played on the radio….they will continue to just get the, “Dude, you rock” comments on their FB pages without sales that follow!

I have internet marketing experts that will be at your fingertips to help you if in fact you choose this route!

One of the talented individuals that ordered my book has successfully learned how to market himself on the internet,
is now making $75,000 a year and just bought a $300,000 home for himself!

So now I'm asking you...

How many times have you told yourself, if only the right people can hear me, I know I can make it?  If only the right people could hear me I know I could be a star?

Musicians often ask me for advice on, “how to make it in the music business.”

I’m happy to help!

I want you to know that every secret or tip or piece of information that I share with a musician on how to succeed in the music business applies to every style of music and it works regardless of where you live in the world.

It does not matter if you play rock, heavy metal, country, R&B or any other kind of music. It does not matter if you are based in the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany. Russia, Japan, South America, or anywhere else.

If you want to be a professional musician

I Can Help YOU Make

You see, I have written a book and started a program that helps musicians acquire 20 years worth of knowledge…the equivalency of having the same experiences and knowledge as if you’ve been operating at the top level of the music industry for over 20 years…BEFORE your first step forward! This is a big part of the FAST TRACK TO SUCCESS as a musician on your own, or within the music industry that I mentioned earlier.


I know it may seem hard to believe but it’s really true. In fact I believe in this program so much, that I’m taking all the risk. I have already seen it help new artists, unknown musicians that I took out of the garage and local club scene, and catapulted them into the global marketplace and are now world renowned musicians…..and they still are today!

Just (click here) to go to my testimonials page and  read the success stories from the bands who read my book and  joined my program.

Some of the musicians  that ordered my book called me at home saying…” Craig, I just got a millionaire to invest in my project…what do I do now?” or …”Dude, I just got a record deal, can you help me with going over the contract?”

One of my students has gone to places in the world that I didn’t even go while I was in DIO headlining 20,000 seat arenas every night…headlining and co-headlining outdoor festivals in front of 80,000 to 100,000 people! That’s why I’m taking all the risk. NOT YOU! Because I KNOW it works and have seen it work right before my very eyes!! With musicians just like you!

So before I tell you how I can help you make your DREAMS COME TRUE as a musician.
It’s important that you know who I am and why I am qualified to help you achieve
Here goes:
My name is Craig Goldy and for the last  31 years I have been  living my DREAM of being a professional musician.

For Me It’s Been A

First of all…I was certified by the state of California to teach the music industry and songwriting at college level…later on, my class was approved by educators to become part of the Bachelor’s Degree Program!

I have achieved the DREAM and what most people see as a FANTASY!

For me it was playing lead guitar in the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal  band DIO. (Ronnie James Dio- former lead vocalist for Black Sabbath and Rainbow). My favorite singer that I listened to at home, where the dream began! This was between 1986 and 2010, until he passed away. 

We released several records on Warner Brothers with a hit song and that album eventually sold platinum.

We also released many albums on Strong Independent labels with World Wide distribution, such as Reprise, SPV, Eagle Entertainment and Roadrunner records of which we had an album in the top 20 Billboard Charts just this year ! To date I have written and performed on albums that sold millions of records and performed in front of millions of people throughout the years.

Before I Joined DIO

I also played lead guitar in a rock band called “Guiffria” we had  2 hit singles on Camel/MCA records and we toured the world. One of those hit songs went well into the top 40 and peeking at #13 in the Billboard Charts and went to #9 in the MTV top 20 video countdown!

I Toured with Deep Purple with Ritchie Blackmore (my favorite band and favorite guitarist) Foreigner and headlined on several occasions, some of which was in Japan! I also was in a heavy metal band called “Rough Cutt.” We also had a record deal on Warner Brothers.

I have also played on many albums, written songs with David Lee Roth (Van Halen ) with his producer (at the time) Bob Ezrin who worked with many famous acts, but my favorite of his was Pink Floyd ! This was just from being a songwriter for Warner Brothers within my 6 years with them!
Hit Videos
MTV, VH1 and Radio

I made hit rock videos with other bands that were featured on  MTV and are still on VH1.  I have been on TV several times once featured on “That Metal Show” with the world renown radio and TV host Eddie Trunk on VH1 and his Sirius XM satellite radio broadcasts as recent as May of this year as a featured artist interview and my songs being played! I have been on Television episodes that aired in front of over 30,000,000 people worldwide!

World Tours
Several Gold, Platinum Records And More...

I have also toured the world many times and played in everything from tiny clubs to packed arenas. I have performed on cruise ships, traveled in private jets, stayed in everything from “roach motels” to luxury hotels all over the world including in wonderful cities such as London, Paris, San Francisco, New York, Moscow, and Tokyo...

I have traveled by stretch limo and luxury tour buses I have shared the stage with bands like Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Motorhead and  believe it or not…There was a time when Metallica opened up for us….we even shared the same stage with James Brown!

I once jammed with George Duke and Chester Thompson (former drummer for Phil Collins of Genesis ) met James Brown, Diana Ross, Ozzy and practically every living musician that I ever wanted to meet!

I was a Song Writer For Warner Brothers For 6 Years
And You Will Learn From My Mistakes!

Most artists don’t want to talk about their failures publicly  but I will, because I know it will help you!

I was a songwriter for Warner Bros, for 6 years.

When I wrote the first full length CD for the band DIO….Warner Brothers records became impressed with me! So they signed me up as a songwriter.

While I was a songwriter for Warner Bros, for 6 years. I was in a great position.  They called me down to those private screening rooms that I only had seen in the movies, where it was a full size movie theater and only 4 people in there….the producer, director, the star of the film and myself….they showed me clips of the movie and told me what kind of music and what kind of songs they wanted for those special spots in the movie…..all I had to do, was go home and write and record those songs and that music….and Warner Brothers would submit that on my behalf!

In that position, there was also a list that came out by-weekly, with artists from Barbara Streisand to Ozzy Osbourne….the singers that didn’t write their own songs…..and what type of songs they were looking for….once again…all I had to do was write and record the songs, and  Warner Bros. would submit those on my behalf!

Even though the full length album I co-wrote with Ronnie had a hit song on it and eventually sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide….those other songs kept getting turned down!

How I Got My
First Gold Record

Tired of getting turned down…I studied hit songs! So much so, that I was able to
re-create them from scratch!

I could program the drum machine, knew the bass, keyboard and guitar parts….knew all the background vocals, melody lines and lyrics and what they were made of….in terms of….imagery, metaphors, story background and personal views and so forth!

Armed with this information, I created song templates. These empty song templates I would fill in with my own original music….and it made me work 2-3 times as hard as I ever worked before!

But I found out what my songs were missing!

So with all of the tips
I was being given by the other successful songwriters at Warner Bros., Ronnie James Dio, the Giuffria guys and my “discoveries”….things started to fall into place!
And my first attempt using this new method…


David Lee Roth

I got a phone call at home from David Lee Roth (formerly of Van Halen) telling me how cool my stuff was, and asking me if I would want to write some stuff for him! So here I am, going over to David Lee Roth’s private residence, with his band downstairs, while he and I listened to my new ideas….he says….”That’s BAD!! That’s Bad ass!!” ….and then he proceeds to go downstairs and tell his band to learn my songs! So now I’m working right alongside of Bob Ezrin and Mr. Roth’s band members…..working on MY songs!

This is when I got my first Gold Record!

My Solo Albums

My first solo album went to #10 in Japan. Above Guns n” Roses “Use your Illusion 1 & 2”….above Ozzy Osbourne’s “No More Tears”…..went to #4 in European Imports and #67 in the Top 100 in the states!

So I thought, man….I’m really onto something here! The only thing was….that all the other available famous guys from the 80’s that wanted to put a band together with me….had such astronomical egos…..that they couldn’t be bothered with my new way of writing songs… I turned this knowledge over to my students….and they started flourishing as I had mentioned earlier on in this website! I think that says it all about what this program can do!!

I Take You Behind The Closed Doors
Of the Music Industry
And Reveal Inside Secrets That Still Remain Hidden To This Day!

There are a few other things you should know…..during my time with all these different bands…I was given a chance to go behind the closed doors of the music industry and see how things are really done and how things are really decided!

This “Inside Information”

I share with you in the book! Regardless of whether or not you decide  that you want me to help you get a record  deal  and go the record company route or not…

the things I learned, actually decide the fate of ALL musicians…and half the time….they aren’t even aware of it!

And remember… after you read my book, if you  choose to do it on your own and market yourself on the internet……you BECOME the record company….so you need to know what they know….no matter what!

Now that you know who I am, and that I’m qualified to help you
Let’s get straight to the point:

Step 1:

The first thing you do is order my book!

All about hit song writing, creating a hit band, getting your music played on the radio,

How to become unique and how to develop your own style… to just name a few!

Step 2

Then you implement the information from my book, into your daily routine…as there is a section in the book that takes you from where you are right now, and will show you how to get to your ultimate destination in 6 stages…..called “The Six Stages of Success”

Each stage has obtainable goals within them for where you’re at right now, what to shoot for, how to obtain what you shoot for and how to get to the next level !

Besides the fact that you’ll learn:

And much more...

You would then choose between the record company route or the market yourself on the internet route.

After you’ve read the book and made the conscious decision of which route you want to take… would then decide whether or not you want to go further within this program, if you do…
you would

mail a CD copy of your demo to me with up to 4 songs or email  of MP3’s along with the lyrics, some photos and a concise bio. I will personally listen to them and If I think that  my associates and I can help you…..We will contact you and invite you to take the next step with us…

Understand This

Some new artists are great almost, “as is”, but that is rare, and you are still going to need to know ALL the information in the book…whether or not you instinctively picked up on some of  the information given in the book, on your own!


if you choose to take this next step…..this is where I/we can be more “hands on” with you that can really help catapult you to your ultimate destination! 

So, once again…after you’ve read the book, and have correctly implemented the information from the book into your next songs that you write or re-write and record or re-record, …….it is at that time you can choose to go further with this program, and that is when you would submit your CD demos or email the MP3’s as previously stated….and if you have what it takes…..then that is when you could choose to take this next step and receive an invitation to go further within the next stage of my program

This Next Step

is where I/we Fast Track you  with all of the people in high places within my own personal network!  This next program is called the “Music industry Contact Program”. Don’t get me wrong…..the information in the book is sufficient to help you achieve your goals and will cut out at least 11 – 15 years off of the “Learn as you go” way of life I mentioned before!

The “Music Industry Contact Program”

is a separate purchase, so that there is no mistake what you are getting and what you are able to achieve, above and beyond your own capabilities! This is where the equivalent of “Job Placement” comes into play!

such as Warner Bros., Universal and Disney, Managers who walk with such people as Paul McCartney’s producer, the heads over at Sony, the president of XM radio and high profile booking agents and the people who OWN those agencies! People that served on the Board of Governor’s for the Grammy’s!  Grammy award winning Producers! I myself am on an album that has just been nominated for a Grammy this year!  I also have internet marketing experts to help you successfully market yourself on the internet!

And don’t worry…the, “Music Industry Contact Program” is not going to cost you a fortune! Some famous musicians will charge you up to $2,500 just to jam on your demos….my fee is below $350…..and that fee is to just to cover my costs.

You must understand something….I’m not interested in making money off of you…and I don’t take a percentage from your albums or future income or anything like that! All I’m interested in doing…is making my promise to you come true…and you become another success story that I tell people about! That’s it!

The "Music Industry Contacts Program," is a separate purchase that only comes AFTER you buy the book, and AFTER you’ve submitted your demos and/or MP3’s as previously mentioned….and AFTER I/we contact you because I/we believe I/we can help you!

You gotta be good,
and have SOME talent!

Motely Crue was no Deep Purple or Pink Floyd….but they had something that money can’t buy….which eventually made them money through millions of album sales! You don’t have to be a virtuoso on your instrument…..but you do have to have what it takes! If that’s you….then you’re gonna be just fine!!

So, now that the marketplace has once again smiled upon the “Classic Rock, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal 80’s based music again….and I have my own band where each guy is a virtuoso in their own right….and most of all….willing to work with this method, I now have a chance to use the very same method that I am willing to show you…..from which all my students began to flourish….

and now so can you!

This method is non-genre specific….

meaning that it works for
Country, R&B and any and every type of musical genre out there! And it can work for you too! All you have to do….is choose to do so!

So don’t put your DREAMS off any longer and order the book now! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!
And don’t forget, regardless of what route you decide to take…..

I’ll be with you every step of the way!!


So go ahead and and ORDER
"Destiny Bridge 2015
How To Fast Track Your Talent Into A Successful
Career In Music!"

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